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Tividale Hall Primary

Year 4 Home Learning

Learning Timetable - 03/04/2020
20 minutes

Independent reading

  • Please read your reading book independently. If you are reading a book online, the link to our online library can be found below. Don’t forget to take your Accelerated Reader quiz if you finish your book.



Project: You will find that you have a project titled ‘What eats what in a rainforest’. By the end of this week, you will need to have read this book and had a go at answering the questions. You can answer questions by adding a ‘post-it’ to the page (I will be able to see who does and doesn’t do this). Don’t forget to complete the Accelerated Reader quiz, too.

1 hour


  • Please complete lesson 10, ‘Divide 1 and 2 digits by 100’ from the following website:


Break Break time
45 minutes


  • Read the text, 'Back To Earth with a Bump' and answer the accompanying questions.

    1 star – Bronze

    2 star – Silver

    3 star – Gold

  • Show list Show Grid
1 hour


  • Possessive pronouns - Write a paragraph about your house using as many different possessive pronouns as you can.

Lunch Lunch break
1 hour


  • Christianity Quiz 1


  • If you have the resources, make an Easter card to send to a relative who you can’t visit at the moment.
30 minutes

P.E. with JOE

  • Subscribe to The Body Coach TV and follow, ‘Day 10 of my 9am daily workouts’.

https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=P.E.+with+Jo e

30 minutes

Spellings using Spellzone.com

  • Login using your TTRockstars username and password: ABC.
  • Choose some games to practise your spellings.


20 minutes

TT Rockstars Practice

  • Practise your times tables on the website below:


Check out Battle of the Bands. Which class in your year group can score the most points this week